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Check back here regularly to find out what's going on at Ntertain Events Ltd and stay up to date with new developments, new entertainers & suppliers, and upcoming showcases! We will also share wedding ideas, wedding trends and our top tips for creating the perfect wedding party. 


John Norcott
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Wedding Breakfast at Abbey House Hotel photo credit Steve Hillman Photography Blow your guests away with wedding breakfast entertainment As the wedding ceremony comes to a close, and the drinks reception done and dusted, the wedding breakfast is next on the agenda. Guests generally know what to expect – a few speeches, the toast, and food – so blow them away with some wonderful wedding breakfast entertainment. Setting the scene with wedding breakfast entertainment Before you add in extra elements to the wedding breakfast, be sure to enhance the mood of the room with an exceptional artist. While some couples choose to have a blank room, void of music, professional musicians provide a breath-taking backdrop of sound for your special day. Of course, this should be styled to suit the charm of the day and the musical preferences of the newlyweds. As such, you infuse the wedding breakfast with an extra taste of your character as a couple. ·         Singing Waiters For a show-stopping performance, singing waiters will give your breakfast a boost and get guests up on their feet. Superb vocals and exemplary waiting service fuse to serve up a menu of entertainment that will surprise, delight and entertain your guests. ·         Musician A professional musician, such as fingerstyle guitarist, Liam, will create a mellow and sophisticated atmosphere for your wedding breakfast. Covering artists including James Taylor, Cat Stevens, and Simon and Garfunkel, Liam will also utilise a loop pedal to make a subtle and tasteful soundscape for his artistry. ·         Singer and Wedding Host From a grand entrance to sing a long fun, John has been entertaining at weddings for over 16 years. With a fantastic mix of songs from Swing, Ballads and even a bit of Motown, John Norcott is guaranteed to bring the energy to your wedding breakfast. Always interacting with his audience during performances, guests will feel involved and engaged, as they enjoy hits from legends such as Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin and Michael Buble. Additional low-cost wedding breakfast entertainment ideas With the fundamentals for your wedding breakfast arranged, there is always room to personalise this part of your day with some additional low-cost bits of wedding breakfast entertainment. Five unexpected extras may include, but are not limited to: 1.    personalised wedding favours – uniquely themed for each table 2.    best man speech sweepstakes – for bridal-style betting 3.    wedding breakfast bingo – how many stereotypical features can guests cross off their cards 4.    wedding i-spy checklists – complete with disposable camera, a classic game for all ages 5.    wedding breakfast not-so-pub quiz – themed rounds that mean something special to the bride and groom checkout our SpeedQuizzing
Supplies for the drinks reception arriving at our wedding in Finland 19th July 2008 Keep the party vibe during your drinks reception! Whilst planning your wedding you are probably thinking of things to keep your guests entertained throughout the day. The drinks reception is an important part of the day for your photographer as this is when they get to capture the group shots. You may feel that you want to mix and mingle but you don't want to rush this section as these photos will last a lifetime. Our wedding party 2008 If you have been to many weddings you will know that the drinks reception is a time where it can feel like not much is really happening for guests whilst the photos are being taken. That doesn’t have to be the case! If you want to make the most out of your wedding day, why not hire somebody to fill the gap and keep everyone enjoying themselves? There are lots of ways that you can blend your day into one smooth running event, without having to run around keeping everyone happy yourself. There are a variety of performers and entertainers waiting to be hired to help make your day special. Here are some top picks from our entertainers. Magic! Magician Derek Add a touch of magic to wow your guests, we are not talking cheesy acts that pull rabbits out of hats, it is a more sophisticated form of magic, including mind reading, slight of hand and pick pockets. Put the magic into your day by choosing a top-quality magician: https://www.ntertain.co.uk/magicians/ Music! Guitar Vocalist Ian Perhaps your day is going to be full of chilled vibes and laid back hippy love? A guitarist would be perfect, singing well known songs so that everyone can get involved and have a sing song together. There are several talented guitarists waiting to be hired for your special day: https://www.ntertain.co.uk/musicians/guitar/ Saxophonist May Or maybe add some Sax appeal with some cool Jazz or Ibiza chillout music from one of our amazing Saxophonists. https://www.ntertain.co.uk/musicians/sax/ Songs! 1920's style singer Shell Create a Gatsby Style drinks reception with our fabulous 1920's style singer Shell. Taking inspiration from the Post Modern Jukebox she will perform modern hits with some 1920's flair. https://www.ntertain.co.uk/female-singers/shell/ Selfies! Strike a pose with our Selfie Mirror A popular option for many weddings is to have some form of ‘selfie’ photography area, why not supply your guests with the props and equipment to take some outrageously funny photos that you can treasure forever? We can provide a selfie mirror hire: https://www.ntertain.co.uk/selfie-mirror-hire/ and photobooth https://www.ntertain.co.uk/photobooth-hire/ for your guests to enjoy. There are so many options to choose form that it can be overwhelming, if you are finding it hard to decide on entertainment for your wedding, get in touch today for some advice and guidance. We can supply entertainers in your area, suitable for any theme or function. We only supply professionals, so you will not be disappointed with the level of service that you receive. Contact us today for more information: https://www.ntertain.co.uk/contact/ 
My wedding ceremony 19th July 2008 Karkola Finland How to enhance the ambience of your wedding ceremony Undeniably, every element of your wedding day is so very special. Yet, the ceremony is the time when you are joined in matrimony, as a couple. It is the pinnacle part of the entire wedding event, and it is, most certainly, what all your guests have travelled to witness. As an incredibly significant aspect of both your big day and your life together, it is crucial that your ceremony is spot on. Shape and sculpt it in such a way that it reflects the characteristics of you both, as a couple. Incorporate unique readings from treasured friends and family members, and definitely enhance the amorous ambience with your wedding ceremony music. Choosing your wedding ceremony music For many brides and grooms, your wedding venue will largely dictate the type of ceremony music you use. For example, those couples marrying traditionally, in a Christian church, may be tied to choosing meaningful hymns, and religious readings, for that matter. Civil ceremonies allow a little more freedom, but there remain constraints surrounding holy connotations in lyrics. That being said, while the genre of music may be limited, you are generally always free to involve your own creative interpretation. Why not add in instruments or artists that will wow guests on your wedding day? It is such touches that create an emotional atmosphere, in which unforgettable moments are made. 4 sensational sounds for your wedding ceremony Forget tracks playing discreetly in the distance over speakers. Be bold with your wedding ceremony music and call on professionals. Unique sounds entice unique memories, ones that last a lifetime. Would you want anything less for your wedding day? What’s more, just because you have booked a musician for your ceremony music, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any meaningful songs. Many instrumentalists are extremely skilled, and could perform remarkably breath-taking renditions upon request. Look online to find someone that meets your needs. Here’s four of the best sounds, just to get your started. Strings available as Solo, Duo, Trio or Quartet 1.    Strings A string quartet or string musicians add a real sophisticated sound to your wedding ceremony. Not restricted to classical scores, violin, cello and viola instrumentalists play a wide variety of styles to please any audience. Piano Vocalist Carolina 2.    Piano Vocalist Perhaps you would like to infuse your favourite songs with soul, or jazz for that matter. A professional piano vocalist, such as Carolina, will make for the most memorable of ceremonies. Harpist Sarah 3.    Harpist Soothe with the truly tranquil sound of the harp on your wedding day. Classically trained harpists add softly sublime background music for your ceremony. Fingerstyle Guitarist Francis 4.    Fingerstyle Guitarist Steering away from the expected, an experienced fingerstyle guitarist will puncture proceedings with a delicate dose of originality. Ideal for couples who prefer rock anthems and chart toppers, Francis will transform classic hits into rich and textured instrumental arrangements. Check out the Ntertain website for more of our fantastic musicians www.Ntertain.co.uk John Norcott Managing Director of Ntertain Events Ltd
John Norcott
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Photography by H2 Photography For many a bride, some of the most emotional elements of her big day is the time spent with Dad. Since the day you came into the world, Dad is the man who’s stood by you and been at your side, unconditionally. The celebration of your father-daughter relationship needn’t end at the altar. After your very first true love has gracefully given you away to your new husband, there are other opportunities to acknowledge your unique bond. Of course, it is likely that Dad will have a few words prepared for the wedding breakfast. But, when all formalities are out of the way, the day will take an increasingly relaxed turn. As other guests arrive, be sure to set aside just five little minutes of your evening for a father daughter dance. It is a blissful bridal bubble that you will treasure always. The father daughter dance basics Most couples choose to have the father daughter dance following the bride and groom’s first dance. Yet, there’s nothing stopping you turning the tables on tradition and leading into the anticipated first dance with your father daughter moment. In fact, it could even be a sentimental nod to earlier ceremony proceedings. However you choose to schedule your reception, be sure to pick a track that suits the relationship between you and your dad. If your father is a sentimental sort, then Heartland’s ‘I Loved Her First’ is fantastic. A bit of a cheeky chap may prefer Harry Connick Jr.’s ‘A Wink and a Smile’. ‘My Best Friend’ by Queen may sit superbly with wannabe rock god dads. Design it just for you two, and cherish it forever. Photography by H2 Photography 10 of the best Father Daughter dance tracks 1.    I Loved Her First – Heartland 2.    My Best Friend – Queen 3.    God Only Knows – Beach Boys 4.    Three Little Birds – Bob Marley 5.    My Girl – The Temptations 6.    Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder 7.    Father and Daughter – Paul Simon 8.    You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker 9.    It's for my Dad – Nancy Sinatra 10.  A Wink and a Smile – Harry Connick Jr. Father Daughter Dance Steve Hillman Photography For more help and advice with all aspects of wedding entertainment don't forget to checkout the Ntertain website www.Ntertain.co.uk
Irresistible Wedding Entertainment  Singing Waiters serving up a feast of entertainment. As weddings go this was a fantastic occasion where our singing waiters blended in with the hotel team and took all the guests by surprise. Guests were first entertained by a fantastic Sax player Jesus provided by Ntertain. Jesus played during the drinks reception following the ceremony and then again during the starters. He provided a fantastic mix of smooth Jazz and popular chill out music. This provided a wonderful musical backdrop whilst our waiters were busy serving. You would never guess John isn't a waiter! First up our waiters welcomed guests into the room helping them to find their seats and sparking up conversations. They then helped the venue team to serve wine before the meal. Speeches took place before the meal and were expertly announced by Toastmaster Bob Williams. Wine anyone?  Here you can see JP and Rob chatting with guests whilst topping up their wine. If only you knew...  Do you have any Fizz?  A great moment on the day was when JP asked this lady is she would like Red, White or Rose and she asked if he had any fizz. Being from the USA he wasn't sure what she meant by this and thought she meant Lemonade, which led us perfectly into more banter with the table. Food for Starters entertainment for dessert! We certainly put in a shift before singing, it always works best when we fully integrate with the serving team at the venue and this wedding ran perfectly. Once the main meal was cleared it was showtime!!!! We got one of the hotel team involved with the story and she added to the authenticity of the reveal. JP then nervously started his song and then nailed it to the delight of the guests who until this point were still non the wiser as to what was happening.  Before long JP was in full voice and getting guests to sing along. These guests didn't need much encouragement :-)  Rob was hitting the big notes! After banter throughout the wedding breakfast this guest couldn't believe we weren't waiters. Some pictures are better than a 1000 words, if this doesn't make you want to join the party nothing will! Now would you believe that this is our version of Uptown Funk? Ooops upside your head meets Bruno Mars! Here we are walking 500 miles around the suite at Abbey House! I would like to say a big thank you to the new Mr and Mrs Newell along with their guests for a fabulous afternoon. Also to the staff at Abbey House and to Steve Hillman for the photographs. We had a brilliant day at Abbey House and would like the following people and companies for helping to create such a memorable day. Abbey House Hotel http://www.abbeyhousehotel.com/ Bob Williams Toast Master http://www.bobwilliamswords.com Wedding Photographer Steve Hillman http://www.shphotographer.co.uk/ Jesus on Sax from Ntertain http://www.ntertain.co.uk/musicians/sax/ John, JP and Rob from www.ShowstoppingWaiters.uk 
What is the difference between the new Selfie Mirror and a Photo-booth? This is a question being asked by many of our customers at the moment and so we thought it may be worth writing a blog to help out. At Ntertain we can see benefits of both and thought it would be a good idea to share our findings. The Photo-booth has become incredibly popular over the last few years offering a fun memento for guests to take away and for the event organisers to have a keepsake guest book to enjoy after the event. Since the Selfie Mirror started to hit the wedding and event industry many people have been asking the question which is better? Well we believe there are benefits to each so checkout our top five reasons to book each option so you can decide which is right for your party. Now some points are true for both products fun hats, wigs and props can be used with both, you can receive a guest book in which we stick one of each photo and ask guests to leave a message which is great especially for weddings. Top 5 reasons to book a Selfie Mirror 1. The Selfie Mirror is the latest product and so less people have them. 2. You can get a full length photograph on the Selfie Mirror whereas the booth just allows for head and shoulders. 3. The Magic Mirror looks great in any venue due to is ornate design and classy look. 4. You can get more people infront of the mirror for group shots. 5. Fun animations and interactive instructions are great for kids and adults alike. Top 5 reasons to book a Photo-booth 1. Once you close the curtain people can't see what you are doing inside (ooh err) and so less inhibitions.  2. Many Photo-booths use green screen technology allowing you to be more imaginative with the backgrounds. 3. Many companies already provide photo-booths and so they are more competitively priced. 4. The external facade of the booth can vary to provide a unique look. 5. Guests will have already seen a booth before and so know what to expect. We offer both Photo-booths and Selfie Mirror Hire at Ntertain and would be more than happy to discuss the options with you and to advise on which would suit your wedding or event best. Checkout our website for further info: Selfie Mirror Hire North West  http://www.ntertain.co.uk/selfie-mirror-hire/  Photo-booth Hire North West  http://www.ntertain.co.uk/photobooth-hire/  or get in touch on via Call us on:- 03304004414 Or email:- info@ntertain.co.uk Entertainment agency website www.Ntertain.co.uk
John Norcott
After a very busy summer entertaining at weddings the kids are back in school which means one thing... Wedding fair season!The funny thing is for majority of the population they would be blissfully unaware of the seasons that wedding suppliers work to. Our so called "Spring" wedding fair season runs from January - March (I can promise you, it doesn't feel like spring getting up early on a Sunday morning in January scraping the van), then it is wedding season running from Easter until September  and now begins Autumn wedding fair season. The thing is over the past ten years that I have been involved in the wedding industry I have noticed a big increase in weddings outside of the so called wedding season and so we have become busier all year round. I think this is largely due to the better deals available from wedding venues for out of season wedding bookings. So in our first weekend back in wedding fairs we were represented at 3. Lindsey and John-Philip were exhibiting at the Etihad Stadium home of Manchester City organised by County Brides. We had a lot of interest in our Showstopping Singing Waiters www.showstoppingwaiters.uk and our all new Selfie Mirror. With over 25 enquiries it has kept Lindsey busy responding to them this week. Rob was representing Ntertain www.ntertain.co.uk and Ultimate Wedding Singers www.UltimateWeddingSingers.com at Alberts in Worsley where he sang live before the catwalk show as this show was so local to our next showcase there was a great deal of interest in tickets for our show at Worsley Marriott on the 29th September where engaged couples and event organisers can come and try their entertainment before they buy. See Www.manchestershowcase.co.uk for further info.Our third wedding fair on Sunday was at The Village Urban Resort and Spa in Bury organised by Little White Books. John was hosting the catwalk show, he sang two songs before the show including a Swing version of Wonderwall and the more contemporary Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon. Once the show finished there was an influx of interest at the Ntertain stand where people were picking up one of Johns free demo CDs and enquiring about his availability. With two confirmed bookings and a number of enquiries it was another productive fair. For more info about what John has to offer see www.johnnorcott.co.uk Next Sunday 11th September we will be exhibiting at the stunning Crewe Hall in Cheshire with County Brides. John Norcott will be singing live before the catwalk show and will be happy to help with any entertainment enquiries. Doors open at 11.30 and the fayre will run until 4pm. 
Wedding Entertainer Auditions Hi John Norcott here, At Ntertain we have always promoted self contained entertainers and bands who we have helped promote their brands and to gain bookings for them as an agency. Over the years I have been approached by numerous singers who have wanted to gain advice and help developing their own act to be able to offer a great service to the wedding and corporate market. It was with this in mind that I created Ultimate Wedding Singers and over the past year we have trained and worked with 8 singers who are now ready to represent the brand and offer my award winning entertainment formula to a wider market. Demand for a onestop solution for wedding entertainment is rising with the convinience of booking just one person to look after your live music, hosting and DJ services. It ensures a seamless transition between the different sections of your wedding day and gives you one point of contact. Ultimate Wedding Singers www.UltimateWeddingSingers.com After this years success it is now time to expand our offering into different geographical areas and to develop the concept further. To add to the Ultimate Wedding Singers we now also have our Showstopping Waiters who offer something different for any occasion. They provide comedy, impact and amazing entertainment and we need to have a strong team to deliver our vision for excellence. Showstopping Singing Waiters www.ShowstoppingWaiters.uk If either of these concepts sound interesting to you as a performer then get in touch because we are now recruiting!!! Here is the promo video... my first attemp at webcam eeek lol We have auditions coming up on the Sunday 10th and Monday the 11th of July for solo singers who would like to join either Ultimate Wedding Singers or our new Showstopping Waiters team. We are looking for both male and female singers who can work both individually and as part of a team. You must be well presented, outgoing and have a great vocal ability. So who are Ultimate Wedding Singers Ultimate Wedding Singers is a group of professional entertainers who have been trained using my award winning formula to deliver exceptional entertainment for weddings. After over a decade in the wedding industry I am often asked for recommendations when I am unavailable and so over time I have found a number of entertainers who I trust enough to be able to recommend them. So what are we looking for? Ultimate Wedding Singers will be able to offer superb vocals, confident wedding hosting and full request DJ service. Full training will be provided for successful applicants. Showstopping Waiters I have been asked numerous times if I can provide a singing waiters service and so after months of planning I am now ready to launch our new shows. I currently have a core group of singers ready for bookings but come the new wedding fair season I am looking to expand the business and spread into areas outside of the North West. The three shows we have created are: Swinging Waiters – As you would expect this show covers Swing and Rat Pack style songs from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and more contemporary swingers such as Robbie Williams and Michael Buble Sing-A-Long Waiters – This show is full of singalong classics to get guests singing along with their arms in the air. Showstopping Waiters – For fans or the West End we have picked the most popular show songs to create an awesome show ranging from Blues Brothers to Phantom there is something for every Musicals enthusiast. So if you would like to join us please click the link on this post and fill out the audition application for and we will contact you with all the relevant information. http://www.ultimateweddingsingers.com/audition  I look forward to meeting with. Cheers John Norcott Winner Best Entertainment Act 2016 & 2013 North West Wedding Awards Winner Wedding Business of the Year 2014 with Ntertain Events Ltd. www.Ntertain.co.uk www.JohnNorcott.co.uk www.UltimateWeddingSingers.com www.ShowstoppingWaiters.uk
Hello and welcome to our latest news post, it has been quite some time since we gave everyone an update on what is going on at Ntertain! Recently we have been snowed under with enquiries after a brilliant weekend at The Wedding Fair in EventCity Manchester, as well as giving our website a refurbishment to make it easier for everyone looking to get the best entertainment for their party or event. So we'd like to apologise for our absence! This years Spring wedding fair at EventCity took place on the 12-13th March and the place was booming with couples, brides and mothers in tow. If you attended over the weekend and walked past stand A36... You saw our award-winning singer, DJ & compere John Norcott and one of our new Show-Stopping Singing Waiters, Andrew! (left to right) John Norcott, Andrew & Mark Hendry of Live Piano Experience! It was an incredibly busy weekend, with over 70 enquiries for our freshly launched branch of Ultimate Wedding Singers, called Show-Stopping Singing Waiters. Received with a fantastic response, John & Andrew gave the fair-goers a small taste of what their event would be like and detailing what the waiters would provide for their wedding. Andrew is one of many Show-Stopping Waiters that are available to book now on the dedicated website (which is currently under maintenance, but will be LIVE very soon!) and can also be found on www.ultimateweddingsingers.com so that not too much is given away in the surprise of booking! Furthermore, in partnership of launching Show-Stopping Waiters and promoting Ultimte Wedding Singers was the parent business that holds it all together; Ntertain. With our professional new look & intuitive leaflets, that tell you absolutely everything you need to know about how you can get the very best entertainment & event supplies for any occasion, we received glowing comments & enquiries from brides and grooms across the weekend. Our brand new promo material, looking sharp! We'd like to give our huge thanks to Andrew and another one of our new Singing Waiters, James for all of their help over the EventCity weekend and working to get our huge enquiries for the newly launched branch of our business. Themselves and John Norcott look forward to providing some of the best performances in the North West at your special events! If you missed us at EventCity this Spring, don't fret! Ntertain, Ultimate Wedding Singers & Show-Stopping Waiters will be at the Macdonald Kilhey Court Hotel in Chorley, Wigan on the 10th April attending the Wedding Fair organised by Little White Books. John Norcott will be singing LIVE before the bridal catwalk show and a selections of Wigans best wedding suppliers will also be available to view. Make sure to catch us in the heart of Cumbria at the Abbey House Hotel & Gardens Barrow in Furness, where John Norcott will be available for a chat about how he can make your wedding extra special with his award-winning services at this stunning venue.   Don't forget, find us on our social media for regular news & updates about what's going on behind the scenes, find out where we are and our latest entertainment additions to our library. You can even give us a call to discuss any ideas you need for what to book for any special event you are organising, simply use the details on the image above and we'd be happy to give you some expert advice & guidance. Thank for catching up with us on our latest blog post and we promise not to be away for too long again! We hope you to see you in the future and remember, if you want the best entertainment for your event, let US Ntertain YOU. John Norcott & Gregory Sinclair The Ntertain Team
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